Where Did My Vanilla Biscotti Go??

September 12, 2012 By Tracy

Okay, well this is a first!  I have a very busy morning with an appointment I have to get to later, so I hit the floor running. Got the kids up, fed, dressed and off to school. I had previously started washing a batch of clothes and already had one drying, so when I got home I took the clothes out the dryer and put the new batch to dry. I had a quick breakfast. Then I set off to make my cup of coffee. So while talking to hubby on the phone I proceeded to take all the necessary steps for my Keurig to brew me up a delicious cup of Vanilla Biscotti. I walked away and went to hang up the clothes I had previously taken out the dryer, and then remembered something I needed to do on the computer. So, I sat in front the computer and realized, “oh yeah, let me grab my cup of coffee first.”  Upon arriving at the Keurig machine, ummm no cup of coffee. I look around. Did I really forget that I fixed it already? Where did I put it down? I SMELL the Vanilla Biscotti…where IS it???

Ohhhhh….there it is!  Who knew that little tray would actually hold an entire cup of coffee?!? Apparently Keurig has us busy mom’s covered when we do the unthinkable and actually forget to grab the coffee cup out the cabinet. Ahh…just another reason I love you Keurig. Now – Vanilla Biscotti – Take 2!