Tips For A Successful STAYcation!

July 23, 2012 By Tracy

This week my family and I will be “Staycationing”!  And I’ll be taking you guys along with us…well sort of…LOL! I’ll be blogging all about our daily adventures in hopes to give you and your family ideas on having a fun “staycation” of your own!  (There might even be a giveaway or 2 along the way!)

So, let’s start this series of posts with my tips of a successful staycation. These are just a few key points that I think is important to truly feeling like “you” are on vacation.

1. Put away the dishes. I may be staying home for this vacation, but nobody said I had to do dishes. If I were away on vacation, chances are I wouldn’t be spending my family time in a kitchen cleaning dishes. I’ll leave that for every other day. So stock up on paper and plastic!!

2. Have a budget. By knowing what you have to spend on outings, food, etc., you will be able to ENJOY your staycation instead of spending it figuring out if you have enough money for a certain activity or not. Which brings me to number 3…

3. Have a plan. Once you have a budget set, then you can schedule your activities accordingly just as if you were away from home. I doubt anyone takes a vacation away from home with no idea of what they will be doing when they get there, so plan it out and have fun!

4. Start with a clean house. While one drawback of being home is that there will not be a housekeeping lady bringing us all a new set of clean towels everyday, and taking away the dirty ones, I will make sure that I am starting with everything clean and in order. I do not want to spend one minute of my vacation cleaning!

5. Junk food. Yes, this one is entitled to its own number. We don’t keep a lot of this stuff in our house, but when we take vacations there are some yummy treats we love!  So, have them on hand, so you don’t have to head to the grocery store on your vacation.

So what exactly do we have planned for this week…well you’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll be blogging about our adventures at the end of the day, but keep an eye out on facebook for a few sneak peeks here and there!!