Free bitcoin faucets is quite a hot topic. For many people it was the start to the world of cryptocurrencies, and someone perfectly learned how to earn on it as well. 

Cryptocurrency for free, how to earn 

Of course, the payouts in them are very small, but if you approach the issue correctly, you can make good money. Also it can be a source of passive income if you are doing an affiliate program. As an example on my account at FaucetHub (microwallet closed, you can now use FaucetPay) , from 300 to 800 microtransactions a day passing, only by referral program. It turns out that I, every minute comes a few satoshi and it is only one service! You can create exactly the same passive income, if you invite new users and monitor new faucets. Of course for experienced traders or miners with high income it all may seem ridiculous. But personally, my opinion is that you need to use all the sources of income that bring you profit, and even more so if they are passive and there is a possibility of scaling.

Telegram bots to collect free satoshi (faucets)

 Not so long ago, faucets to collect cryptocurrencies, took a new place – this is Telegram. This messenger is gaining a huge audience and technology is being introduced into it with breakneck speed. At the moment, not much is a faucet, but those who have appeared, give a decent reward – up to 1000 satoshi! There is of course a nuance that faucets produce bonuses one, some twice a day. But now there is no need to suffer because of the pop-up windows and go to the faucet every five minutes. Get large fees once a day and enjoy affiliate program, which, by the way, has each faucet.

List of Telegram bots for collecting cryptocurrencies 

Below is the list of bots for collecting BTC and separately, one bot, for collecting ETH – it is the last one in the list.

Very interesting two telegram bots, you can collect coins every 6 hours. Rewards for invitations and simple tasks: 

  • BNB-bot – open bot (changed, now mounting QDT) 
  • TWT-bot – open bot (stopped paying!) 
  • SHIB-bot – open bot (earn SHIBA INU) 

Excellent bots, which have very many tasks of various kinds – from simple to more complex. Active users can earn: 

  • DogecoinClickBot (collect doggy)
  • LitecoinClickBot (collect lithos) 
  • BCHClickBot  (collect bitcoin cache) 
  • ZcashClickBot (collect zcash) 
  • BitcoinClickBot  (collect BTC)

 In the bots presented above, you need to visit sites (as in surfing) or subscribe to the channel (rarely). Rewards are pretty decent. Small minimum for a conclusion. The following are dubious bots … They paid earlier, but now I do not know. Raised the minimum and there is no desire to check. In the Internet on the request: telegram bots for earnings, telegram bot, bots that pay, and so on, you will almost always give out these lists – I did not work with them! Take the bots described above – 100% pay. 

  • FreeBitcoin – open bot (gift from faucet) 
  • CryptoBanker – open bot 
  • GetFreeETH – open bot (bot for collecting ether) 

Not all bots, marked with scam sign do not pay, a little later will be updated information on them. 

  • BitcoinEasy (marked as Scam)
  •  BitcoinGet (marked as Scam) 
  • FreeBitcoin (marked as Scam) Does not pay! 
  • BitcoinOpenProject (marked as Scam) 
  • CryptoJedai (marked as Scam)


  1. Open bots daily and collect free satoshi.
  2. Take referral links and promote them the way you want, create a passive source of income!