Summer Road Trip Gas Gift Card Giveaway!

With the high gas prices and Summer Road Trips in full swing, your fans are going to LOVE this giveaway!! Because not all brands are available in all areas, the winner will be able to choose which brand gas gift card they would like to receive. The final amount of the gift card will depend on the amount of sign-ups, but I am planning on it being at least $100 minimum.

The cost will be $6/facebook link. You can also add an optional daily picket fence vote for an extra $1.

$5 of the sign-up fee will go towards the value of the gift card while the other $1 will go towards my Mommy Gives Back Project. (Right now all funds are going to Children’s Hopechest.)

The giveaway will run from June 20th – June 30th and is open to U S residents 18 or older only. Your post must be up by 10:00 am on June 20th or you will be removed from the rafflecopter. You can join my fb group here to stay up to date on the amount of the gift card as well as when the email with the sample post will be sent out. It’s VERY important that you add this email address to your contacts: [email protected], otherwise the email may end up in your spam folder.

Please send your Paypal payment to [email protected] as a gift then


Below you will find the html code that you can use to post on your blog to help promote the sign-ups for this event. Remember the more bloggers we have participating the higher the value of the gift card!