Oh My! What Beautiful Smiles!!!

February 6, 2012 By Tracy

I just CAN NOT stop smiling!!! I mean look at all those beautiful faces! I see one thing… H A P P I N E S S! Happiness that came with just having one basic need meant. A need that you and I take for granted everyday – everytime we walk out the door. We put them on without even a second thought, well except for maybe trying to decide on which ones we should choose. A simple but necessary item. SHOES! Yes, all those smiles are the result of a NEW Pair of Shoes! If you’ve been a reader for any length of time, I’m sure you have heard me mention the beautiful children of the Grace Baptist Care Point in Kombolcha, Ethiopia. These children stole my heart a long time ago, and I have been waiting for the day when they were to receive their new shoes. You see last year a team from Children’s HopeChest traveled to Kombolcha and returned with the news that some of the children’s greatest needs were shoes and school uniforms.

The children travel on foot daily to the care-point where they receive at least one meal a day and an education. And as you can see, the shoes they were wearing…well, I’d barely even call them shoes. So, today my heart is smiling knowing for them tomorrow’s walk will be just a little bit easier.

I would also like to say Thank You to all of you that took part in my Father’s Day Card fundraiser last year which helped raise enough money for 23 pairs of shoes!  Now on to those school uniforms!! To learn more about the care-point at Grace Baptist or to sponsor a child click here.