Nutrisystem Week 8 Update #NSNation

May 29, 2012 By Tracy

Week 8!! I have been on the Nutrisystem program for 2 months now. I’ve lost a total of 9.5 pounds. WOW! I am feeling great! I am loving the program because not only am I losing weight, but I feel as though I am learning how to eat. I am learning valuable lessons that I can carry on even after I am finish the program. This will be very important in maintaining my weight once I’ve reached my goal…which I am getting closer to everyday, I might add.

Week 8:

Starting Weight: 123.7

Lost: .9 pounds

Ending Weight: 122.8

Total Weight Lost: 9.5 pounds

This week I’d like to share with you some of my favorite desserts! Well, really it’s been ALL of them…lol!! I love enjoying some guilt free chocolate which is important in keeping us ladies happy…am I right?  So let’s see there’s the chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies (which I dipped in my coffee today instead of milk….YUMMMY!), the double chocolate almond cookies, fudge brownie. Then there’s the frozen yummies! Ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate creamy fudge bars and orange creme bars. Oh Yeah, I’m suffering through it…NOT!

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Nutrisystem is providing me with food and counsel for free during my 4 months as a blogger; however all opinions expressed are 100% my own.