Nutrisystem Week 3 Update #NSNation

April 23, 2012 By Tracy

Week 3! Really has it been 3 weeks already? I’ve dieted before and I can tell you by week 3, I am craving every food possible that I am not suppose to eat, but not this time. I actually can’t believe I’ve completed my 3rd week!! And I have some super exciting news…my clothes are fitting loose…I love it!!

Week 3:

Starting Weight: 128.5

Lost: .7 pounds

Ending Weight: 127.8

Total Weight Lost: 4.5 pounds

While I only lost .7 pounds again this week, I am definitely feeling a difference – not just in my clothes, but overall I am feeling great! I have not yet incorporated exercise into my weekly routine, but I plan to start my Zumba for the Wii this week. I have, however, made sure to get up and move this week. I’ve practiced softball with my daughter a couple times throughout the week. I also cut the grass (with a push lawn mower – the entire yard!) Stay tuned for my update next week when I’ll be sharing some of my favorite meals!

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