Nutrisystem Week 11 Update #NSNation

June 19, 2012 By Tracy

Week 11!! I thought week 10 was tough, well week 11 brought on some new challenges…Date Night at Outback…Birthday Party for 2 of my kids…which included peanut butter cake among other delicious treats. Then there was our Father’s Day outing. I really tried to play it smart, and I think that I ate much less than I use to, but none the less, I had lots this week that should NOT have been on my menu. (sigh)  Anyway, I guess it could have turned out worse than no loss…I could have gained.  So here’s where I stand at the end of week 11.

Week 11:

Starting Weight: 121.9

Lost: 0

Ending Weight: 121.9

Total Weight Lost: 10.4 pounds

I have 12.9 lbs left to get where I really want to be. I knew the first 1/2 would definitely be easier than the second, but I’ve slacked long enough, and I am back on track for Week 12. Not only have I started drinking my water, eating only the Nutrisystem meals and only adding on the suggested healthy add-ons, but hubby and I have decided to take on the C25K workout program. While I’ve worked out here and there, I have not been able to get myself on a set workout schedule. I think this workout program will be great for both of us, AND it’s something we can do together.

So what new foods have I discovered I enjoy? I’ve really been enjoying the Cheesy HomeStyle Mashed Potatoes, Mexican Style Tortilla Soup, and the Fettuccini Alfredo. I’ve also been adding a nice fresh cucumber to my lunches, since they are fresh out of my dad’s garden!  I also would like to mention, how not only is Nutrisystem helping me to achieve my weight loss goals, but I am learning so much about the portion sizes that I will need to eat once I’ve reached my goals.

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Nutrisystem is providing me with food and counsel for free during my 4 months as a blogger; however all opinions expressed are 100% my own.