Nutrisystem Week 10 Update #NSNation

June 12, 2012 By Tracy

Okay, week 10 was tough!  Where oh where has my will power gone?? This was the first busy week of summer. Bringing the kids to camps, and meeting hubby for lunch with the kids, and a weekend of outings. YIKES! I totally caved! So, I dreaded weigh in on Monday morning, but to my surprise I was down .2 pounds. I’ll take it!!

Week 10:

Starting Weight: 122.1

Lost: .2 pounds

Ending Weight: 121.9

Total Weight Lost: 10.4 pounds

It is time to totally refocus!! While I am thrilled with the results so far, I have to be focused and stay in the game to get to the finish line! I HAVE to start drinking the 64 oz of water each day, which I failed to do last week. And I am hoping for some better weather, so the kids and I can get outside and move this week. Rain, Rain, Go Away!

This week I really enjoyed the hamburger. We are picking lots of veggies right now from our garden and the fresh tomato was soooo delicious on the burger!!!

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