Mommy's Money Saving Madness!: October 2010

I love earning free gift cards… I mean who doesn’t, right? I like to save any gift cards that I earn throughout the year to purchase Christmas gifts. But where do I get these gift cards, you ask. Well, here’s a list.

1. My Bank offers a rewards program for using your debit card, using their online bill pay, etc. The points you earn can then be redeemed for gift cards. There are a lot of banks that offer this type of program, so don’t miss out, be sure to check with your bank and find out how you can enroll.

2. My cable company, Charter Communications, offers a rewards program called Live It With Charter! You earn points for every dollar you spend each month. Every so often they host redemption days where you can use your points to get various products and sometimes they offer gift cards. That’s when I’ll use my points! You are not automatically enrolled in this program, so check with your cable company and see if they offer a similar program.

3. My health insurance company actually offers a rewards program. Can you believe it? You can earn points, which can be redeemed for gift cards, by reading articles, searching for recipes, setting up and following an excerise plan, etc. on their website. This one takes a little more time, but is very rewarding!

4. Swag Bucks! If you have not signed up with Swag Bucks yet, what are you waiting for? Swag Bucks can be cashed in for many things, but the best value for your buck is the $5 Amazon Gift Cards. This is all I use my Swag Bucks for, and they add up pretty quickly. I’m in the process of cashing in $60 in Amazon Gift Cards and should earn more before December.

If you’ve never used Swag Bucks here is how you earn them. First and foremost, by searching. I use Swag Bucks exclusively when searching the internet, and I’ll usually win 3-4 times per day. Most days you will also be able to pick up a few extra bucks from codes that are released periodically. I’ll always give you a heads up on my Facebook page when I find that a code is available. You can also earn a total of 3 extra Swag Bucks per day by visiting the No Obligations Offers page, the Survey page, and by voting in the Daily Poll. These 3 combined take no more than a minute to complete. Click here and receive 30 Swag Bucks just for signing up.

Are there other ways that you earn free gift cards? We’d love to hear from you.