Mommy's Money Saving Madness!: January 2010

While CVS’ Extra Care Bucks (ECB) program is way easier to understand and use than Walgreens’ RR program, it has limits. Each ECB deal has limits of usually 1 or 2, but sometimes it could be more. The limit will always be listed under the advertisment in the weekly flyer. You can also check the bottom or your receipt, and it will give you a summary of your ECB deals.

In order to take part in the ECB program you must have an Extra Care card. These can easily be obtained at checkout. Make sure you have the cashier scan your card every time you check out even if you are not buying something that is advertised to have ECB because you earn extra rewards on a percentage of everything you buy (even prescriptions). These extra rewards will be added to your card quarterly.

Now, here’s how it works. Each week, CVS will advertise certain items when purchased that will give you ECB. The ECB will always print out at the bottom of your receipt, and can be used to pay for your next purchase. (exclusions are listed on your receipt)

Also, be sure to check the bottom of your receipts for very valuable CVS coupons. These print out occasionally and can be stacked with Manufacturer’s coupons. You will occasionally also receive coupons for $X off of a $XX purchase. A common one is $4/$20.

Some stores also have kiosk machines which doubles as a price check machine. If so, be sure to scan your card on each visit. This machine will print coupons and sometimes the $X/$XX coupons as well.The key to minimizing your out of pocket each week is to “roll” your ECB into other deals that give back ECB. Be sure to check back each week and see what deals I think are worth checking out.