Mommy's Money Saving Madness!: Giveaway: Drew Brees' Book Coming Back STRONGER

I am so very excited to have been given the opportunity to read and review this book! Let me start by saying you DO NOT have to be a Saints or even a football fan to enjoy reading this book. (Although being a football fan, I sure did love reliving the the games of last season and the moments leading up to the Superbowl WIN!) This book will inspire you to be a better person, and it has left me a Brees Family Fan!

There are many adversities in his life which Brees discusses, but it was the life changing injury that he received on December 31, 2005, while playing for the San Diego Chargers that ultimately brought Drew Brees to the city of New Orleans. Brees took a hit while trying to recover a fumble and dislocated his right shoulder. While this could have been a career ending injury, Brees pushed forward and never stop believing that one day he would play again. Not only has he returned to the game of football, but he has come back stronger, and has played a very important role in helping the people and the city of New Orleans come back stronger as well after the devasting effects of Hurricane Katrina. Brees talks alot about his strong faith in God and how “God can use everything in your life for good, even though it may seem unfair or insurmountable at the time“. “It is not where you start in life, but rather how you finish.” This is just another one of the many great quotes you will find in this book. No matter what challenges you may be facing you can “Seize the adversity and let it make you stronger.”

I really love the Epilogue at the end of the book. It can be used as sort of a coaching tool to help you whenever you are standing face to face with adversity in your own life.This book made me laugh and cry, but most importantly it left me inspired…inspired to be a better role model for my children; inspired to be a better citizen in my community; and it has inspired me to Finish Strong in everything I do!

Now, here is the GREAT news…you have the opportunity to win a copy of Coming Back STRONGER for yourself! Just click the “Register” button below. You have until the end of the Saints game on Sunday, October 31st to register to win. I will then select a winner using within 24 hours.

Disclosure: Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a copy of Coming Back STRONGER, and will also be providing a copy for one of my readers. All views expressed in this post are that of my own.