Mommy Gives Back (Project: KOMBOLCHA!)

July 18, 2011 By Tracy

I am VERY excited to introduce to you all a new project. Since the beginning of Mommy’s Money Saving Madness, I had always hoped to use this blog for a greater good, and after much thought and consideration, “Mommy Gives Back” was born.

I have decided to donate 100% of all advertising revenue that I earn from this blog to what I like to call Make a Difference Projects. I then had a very exciting decision to make…what would my first project be?? Well here it is:

For my first project I will be donating all revenue to purchase NEW SCHOOL UNIFORMS for the children of the Grace Baptist Care Point in Kombolcha, Ethiopia. The amount needed to provide all 175 children with new uniforms is $3,255. This Care Point is really close to my heart, as my family and I sponsor a little boy and little girl there.

Aren’t they beautiful!

Recently, the sponsorship coordinator, Candy Tennant, and her husband took a trip to Kombolcha and returned with news that the children were in need of new school uniforms, as well as a bathroom, and a kitchen to cook the 175 meals that they provide for the children everyday.

Here’s a little background on the children of Grace Baptist. Most children have lost a mom or a dad or both. They may live with a relative who can provide shelter but not food or clothing because of extreme poverty. Before coming to Grace Baptist, many of these orphaned and vulnerable children were only able to eat a few times a week. The care point ensures that these desperately poor and hungry children will have at least one meal every day, clothing, basic medical care, education and Christian discipleship.

So, do you want to help with my “Mommy Gives Back” project?? I have created a “Contributors” advertising page where you can have your blog or website button displayed for 3 months for only $15!!! Want to make a bigger donation? For $30 you can display your button for 6 months!!! Just send me an email mommysmoneysavingmadness(at) As I said before 100% will be donated to the Grace Baptist Care Point for NEW SCHOOL UNIFORMS for these beautiful children. You can check out the Contributors page here. If you have a website/business that is just local to your area, I will have those buttons broken down under their respective states. If you would like to advertise in my sidebar that shows up on every page, email me for a quote. The link for the Contributors page will stay at the top of my sidebar, so that it will easily be seen by all my visitors. If you do not have a button for your blog or website, I will be happy to create on for you for an additional $5 donation. I will also email all contributors the code to the following button that you can display on your own website/blog.

Don’t have a website or blog? Here’s some ways you can help:

1. Make a donation to this project by going here to the Children’s Hopechest website. Click the “Give” tab. Next click “Designated Gifts: One Time Gift”, and enter dollar amount in box below. Next Enter ET2116000 in the “Reference Number” box, and Uniforms in the “Note Field” box.

2. Sponsor a child at the Grace Baptist Care Point.

3. Check out this website, Little Goody 2 Shoes. 12 year old Samantha sells bottlecap necklaces, and all the proceeds go to purchase new shoes for the children in different care points across Ethiopia. Right now she is raising funds to purchase shoes for the children of Grace Baptist.

4. Please. Please. Tell your friends and family about the “Mommy Gives Back” project. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these children!!!

And be sure to check back often for updates!!!