List of the most profitable and paying dogecoin faucets. Here only verified faucets, the list is constantly edited and you will not need to waste time on sifting and processing information. 

  • What is DogeCoin and why its profitable to collect DogeCoin
  • Top 3 best DogeCoin faucets 
  • DogeCoin faucets with instant withdrawal to FaucetPay 
  • Accumulative DogeCoin faucets, which pay 

To collect dogecoin from faucets, you need a dogecoin wallet, I recommend using FaucetHub or CoinPot. These two wallets will be enough. How to register and create a wallet for them I wrote in the article what are bitcoin faucets and how to earn money on them. 

What is DogeCoin and why its profitable to collect DogeCoin 

DogeCoin  was not the most popular coin, because it was created as a joke and has no technology under it. But nevertheless its market capitalization is 882,002,045 USD and the coin is getting more expensive little by little. The advantage of collecting it is that the faucets are giving away quite decent amounts and you can accumulate coins quickly.

 At this moment almost all altcoins are going up and this trend will most likely continue in the next couple of years. I recommend to collect doge coins for a long term and make a good profit at the moment of major increase or bump. Or to change it on cryptocurrency exchange in more ambitious, but not expensive coin.

DogeCoin: top 3 best faucets 

Naturally, there are giants for each sphere and so in dogeCoin taps, I present to your attention top 3 paying projects: 

  • MoonDogeCoin (closed) – doge generator, pays instantly on CoinPot. Read more about all of these faucets here. 
  • InstatDoge (closed) – also generates new dogs in your absence. Instantly pays Xapo or 150 dogecoin to any purse. Bonus at registration 10 doge. 
  • FreeDogeCoin – great faucet. Pays from 0.006 to 5800 doge per request, withdrawal to any wallet on request. 

These are the three most popular and fat faucets in which you are guaranteed to get your earned money. 

DogeCoin faucets with instant withdrawal to FaucetPay 

The following list is TOP faucets, which work for a long time. The list will be supplemented soon.

DOGE Crane Timer Referral Note 

CoinEars 5 min 30% Instantly on FaucetPay 

DogeBuzz 5 min 35% You can buy levels and get more up to 400 Doge 

ClaimDoge 5 min 30% from 0.04 Doge 

Doge-Faucet 1 h 25% Up to 2049 Doge 

Konstantinova 25 min 25% Instantly on FaucetPay

Could be added more faucets, but left only the proven. If there are more quality faucets, which pay well, they will definitely be added to the list. Do not forget to share faucets in the comments, verified will be added to the list (I register by your referral link).

Accumulative DogeCoin faucets, which pay

FreeDogeBot – telegram bot to collect DogeCoin These dogecoin faucets also could not miss, as they pay quite well and exist for a long time.  If you regularly collect payments from faucets, you can accumulate a decent amount, and as already mentioned, we are waiting for a good rate on this coin and sell it. I personally transfer my balance on Exmo exchanger, which is the easiest to work with, more details, how to register on the exchange and how to create a wallet.