How Did I Make $4.50 @ Walmart Today??

April 24, 2012 By Tracy

I’ve talked about Jingit in the past, when they were in their testing phase, but now they have fully launched their new program! If you are not signed up with them, do it now!!! Just click here, it only takes a few seconds to get started. In addition to ads you watch to earn cash, they have started their new “check-in” program. They have partnered with Walmart and Kraft. All I did was download the Jingit app on my smartphone and scanned the bar code of a few products that showed up under my “check-in” tab. That earned me $3.50, then I was given another 2 small ads to watch and while I shopped through Walmart I had earned $4.50!! Whoo! Hoo!

And once your debit card has arrived you can instantly dump your cash right on to your card, and spend it!!

So what are you waiting for…Jingit!