Earn Swag Bucks Just For Searching

August 6, 2010 By Tracy

This is the first time that I mention Swag Bucks on this blog; however, I have used (AND LOVE) Swag Bucks for almost a year now! You can earn Swag Bucks just by searching the web as you normally do. I used to use Google as my search engine and now I exclusively use Swag Bucks. I’ll usually earn Swag Bucks of various amounts at least 3 times a day…sometimes more.

What can you do with Swag Bucks? Well, you can cash them in for a number of different items and/or gift cards, but my favorite is the $5 Amazon Gift Card for only 450 Swag Bucks. Its also the best value for you buck, and you can pretty much get anything you need on Amazon. Last year, I purchased Christmas presents with my gift cards, and I have also been able to buy a rug for my front door, a portable closet for my room, and beach towels for my kiddos. You will be surprised how fast the bucks add up. I currently have enough SB for $30 in Amazon Gift Cards, but I think I will hold on to them for Christmas!

There are also ways to earn Swag Bucks when you are not searching the internet. You will earn 1 SB per day just for visiting their Survey Page; 1 SB per day for skipping through the Special Offers Page; and 1 SB per day for taking their daily poll. Most days you will have Swag Buck codes worth various amounts. (I will begin to give updates on Facebook when new codes are released.)

I have there toolbar installed which makes searching the web very easy. I also have the following widget installed on my Google homepage which alerts me if there is a Swag Code available.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today and start earning those Swag Bucks!