Airdrops from crypto wallets for today and testnet 2022

What do you think, which airdrops give the biggest profits relative to our time? Of course, from the name, you already understand that they are testnet – simply put, projects in which we are among the first to test a project and get rewards for it. And very fat giveaways from cryptocurrency wallets. Tests are different and not always complex, today there are a few that I suggest you get acquainted with and be sure to participate. But what about wallets, it is also very cool – just remember Trust Wallet giveaway, where you can get 100 TWT (70$) for a friend. And this is not the only example. Naprime SafePal do giveaway quite often and wrote about it here. As always, the latest and current airdrops are on this page. Do not forget to keep track of the tokens we have earned. Prepare accounts for successful participation in Airdrop and be sure to subscribe to telegram channel NewCripto. By the way, created a separate channel for Airdrop (so as not to interfere with the main). In today’s selection, take all the giveaways and 100% participate! Miss out and then you can get very frustrated. Naturally, there are no guarantees on each of the airdrop, but the odds are high too!

Airdrop for $10 from the WEXO wallet Give $10 in their WEXO tokens to all new users!

Plus, you can invite new members and get an additional $10 in their token for your partners. Step-by-step instructions (follow exactly as written): Register in the wallet at the link. Ref. Code – kRTE6E Go to settings and enter your data (name, date of birth and phone) Then you need to verify, it can also be found in settings (passport photo and selfies) Now you need to download the app WEXO on your phone (go to Google play and type in a search) Come through the application to your account and go to the tab Affiliate program in Affiliate program, go to Rewards and users and collect bonuses If you verify gives an error: Download the wallet, after registration, install a VPN, for example, Turbo VPN. Choose United States, connect. Go to the app on your phone that you downloaded, log in. Go into the Verification and do the same thing you did before, but without the errors.

Free NFT, tokens and free space on IDO from EYWA (Testnet)

I already wrote about this project here. The project is being prepared thoroughly and most likely something very cool may come out. There are swaps and exchanges and much more. To participate go to the bot. Here you need to select “start testing” and then you will be told step by step what to do. A very big plus from this testnet, those who do not understand the swaps (swaps, change networks, etc.) – you just free, step by step teach how to do it! Participate in the giveaway is a must – there is a chance to enter a very promising project without spending a penny. Eywa is a decentralised platform that will act as a bridge between all the blockchain systems popular in DeFi. Eywa combines a cross-chain protocol for data transfer and a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) for transferring assets between blockchains. If you can get NFT, you can make money on them by leaving them in the stack.

Airdrop from LEGION NETWORK wallet for $5

Legion Network is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that gives away 34 LGX tokens ($5) for registering and for invites. There are also games inside the wallet where you can win tokens. Watch the video and get extra rewards (famously learn and earn). They’re holding an IDO soon (first quarter 2022). They have a meta-universe and their own luncheonpad in the pipeline. So participation is a must! Token distribution is scheduled for March 1, 2022. How to get LGX tokens: Download application by following link Register and enter refcode: 8PrO03k (click to copy) Confirm email Click PROFILE and Claim Rewards, your rewards will be issued after March 1st. Legion Network wallet looks pretty nice and has much more features than on the same Trust Wallet (LGX is already on Coinmarketcap).

Dopamine cryptocurrency wallet – a promising giveaway

We will receive points which will be exchanged into tokens later on. There have already been similar projects like Coin98Wallet and TWT, then they gave away 1000 coins just for setting up the wallet. You don’t know when the giveaway will end, but you better hurry. Dopamine cryptocurrency wallet conducts something like testnet and airdrop in one form. Go to the link Set the wallet Save bekap phrase Need to deposit a minimum of $ 5 in BNB Make an exchange for any currency in the tab “Swap” Referral program for three levels For referral receive 10 points, which will later be converted into DOPE token. Also, there are constantly new tasks with the opportunity to get free NFT from various projects. They are not given out yet, they will be started as soon as the separate section for the enticements is launched. This is done in order to give out tokens only for the active audience, not for the bots. Then you can withdraw your coins immediately. I left it in my wallet, maybe some more tasks will appear.

Get FLAG tokens for free (immediately to the purse).

Go to the site and connect through a purse. Fulfill simple tasks with social networks – 4 pieces In 12 hours (after verification) return to the site and collect tokens at the rate today ~$20 Sell can be at the end of March Invite friends and get more tokens (3-level PI) Project on its own interesting – NFT, swap, stacking. Maybe that will work. There will be a small commission for tokens.

Airdrop from Ukrainian exchange Qmall

Absolutely everyone can get 500 UAH in exchange tokens for registration from 1.12.21 to 1.02.22. Go to the exchange and register here. Conditions for participation in airdrop: Register at the exchange Qmall Verification – Complete the verification process Subscribe to the official exchange pages: Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Make a minimum deposit of the equivalent of 200 UAH, (in $ 550, in $ 8 ), the money you made can be withdrawn back. Affiliate program: 100 UAH in QMALL tokens for each invited friend 50 UAH in QMALL tokens for each invited by your friends 5-level affiliate program for your partners trading Unfreezing of bonus tokens will be stepwise from 15.02.2022 to 10% every 3 months. It is already possible to trade on the exchange.

AirDrop PunkPanda – tokens added every 30 minutes

PunkPanda is a messenger like watsap. Communicate with messages, audio and video and get free cryptocurrency, PPM tokens. You will receive PPM tokens every 30 minutes for using the PunkPanda app, you don’t even have to be an active member. Install the application on your phone (download) First of all you have to confirm the phone number from the SMS Second – you have to enter the code 953182. The main thing is to read what code it asks for. And do not get mixed up. By the end of February 2022, the PPM token is expected to be listed on PancakeSwap. The listing price of the PPM token will be $1. They also have their own game (go to). When registering you enter the same ref code (953182) and get 10 coins on your balance at once! In 30 days after listing PPM tokens can be withdrawn from application, in the first month – 1%, second – 2%, third – 3%, fourth -4%, fifth and next months – 5% and so on, until we reach 100%. Then the restrictions will be removed. Gradual withdrawal of tokens from the application is made in order to reduce, at the initial stage, the probability of significant fluctuations in token price.

Distribution from Slope Wallet (SOLANA) for referrals

Abuse the theme to the max! Who does not know how – here are the tools that will help you, not only No. for social networks – buy here (for this distribution is not needed, but will be needed in the future) Ready to mail and accounts of social networks – take here android emulator on pk – here (free) Download the purse here. Prizes and number of invitees : 1-10 referrals : Prize : 2-8$ (5.000 winners) 11-30 referrals : Prize : 10-28$ (1. 000 winners) 31-50 referrals: Prize : 30-58$ (300 winners) 51-100 referrals: Prize : 59-110$ (100 winners) More than 101 referrals: Prize : 120-500$ (50 winners) How to Start : Download a Wallet Create a Wallet, sid phrase necessarily write down We go to the tab in the middle and click on the banner “Slope Wallet Referral Program”. Banner as in the screenshot to the post! Take the link and start promoting it Wait for news – the deadline has not yet been announced

It’s time to learn how to abuse or learn to invite partners for tasks (bugs). Abuzim with different devices and ip, otherwise you will get a ban. These airdropy recommend that you must pass, do not spare 30 minutes of time – any of these projects can give a cool profit!