Airdrop cryptocurrencies: what is it, where to catch and how much can be earned

Earning money does not always require an investment. It happens that cryptocurrency is distributed for free. And these are not spontaneous cases, but purposeful advertising campaigns. In 2022, it is already impossible to launch a new project – blockchain ecosystem without investments and competent marketing. To make users believe in the prospect, at the start of sales it is necessary to distribute the token as widely as possible, making it relevant and attractive. Later on, this will lead to an increase in its value and allow the business to scale. And for starters, prospective investors as a way to start making money are offered airdrop cryptocurrencies. 



1. airdrop cryptocurrencies – what is it

2. How to participate in airdrop

3. Where to look for current airdrop

3.1 BitcoinTalk

3.2 AirdropAlert

3.3., 99airdrops and Coin Airdrops

4. How to earn on airdrops

5. Is there an airdrop calendar

6. Is it necessary to participate in airdrop

7. How much is realistically possible to earn from airdrop

8. 5 tips for moneymakers

9. Conclusion

Airdrop cryptocurrencies – what is it

Airdrop is a way to get income first tokens for beginners who are learning the basics of the cryptocurrency world.

Airdrop is a free token giveaway, money "out of thin air."

Token giveaways are needed to:

  • attract owners of a certain cryptocurrency and gain their loyalty;
  • Encourage regular customers;
  • bring new clients via gift assets and determine the circle of likely participants;
  • to test the service of a new project;
  • create an information buzz in the cryptocurrency market around a new project idea and terms to draw attention and potential investors to it;
  • to encourage clients who agree to participate to fulfill conditions that help the project grow and become more and more popular. 

How to participate in airdrop

Everyone is usually welcome to participate. Sometimes there are exceptions: there may be restrictions for participants in individual countries or a condition of passing the KYC-verification.

The distribution of tokens is carried out in the manner determined by the company launching the project. As a rule, the distribution is accompanied by conditions. Sometimes, they are divided into mandatory and additional: most often, the project platforms provide a step-by-step algorithm, which must be passed in order to see the free cryptocurrency in your wallet.


To get coins (tokens), you need to pass the following algorithm to participate in airdrop:


Create a cryptocurrency wallet. Multicurrency mobile versions are best suited for this purpose – they allow you to collect all the crypto in a single application. An example of such a wallet, with which most of the giveaways will become available, is Trustee. ERC-20 (Ethereum) and BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) tokens are given away more often than others.

Tie a wallet to receive coins on it.

Get a Telegram account.

Create special pages in social networks. The more friends they have, the better. Accounts should be "live", they need to be used: to promote and develop, so that they bring the best results in giveaways. It is better to make them separate from personal pages: this allows you to hide activity from prying eyes and not to litter your personal account.

Make registration on the project. In most cases, you need to fill out a form with your name, email, wallet address and social network account.

Perform a list of tasks airdrop. To do this, you need to follow the instructions of the giveaway team. Often, the conditions for receiving free tokens include only a requirement to subscribe to their community in social networks (twitter, telegram) and to be active – posting/re-posting, chatting. Usually, requests need to be fulfilled within a limited time frame.

Expect to receive coins. Sometimes according to cryptocurrency rules they appear in your wallet immediately after completing tasks, sometimes you have to wait up to two weeks or longer. Deadlines are announced immediately or after the end of the giveaway. After the end of the airdrop there may be additional conditions for getting tokens, for example, in a limited time to brand your bitcoin by going to the project website.


If the coins did not come right away, there is no need to worry. Everything is sure to appear in the wallet, if:

  • the project did not turn out to be a scam (a scam);
  • the participant had time to airdrop;
  • The participant complied with all conditions.

Where to look for current airdrop

The most up-to-date information on the best airdrop can be found at specialized platforms. The platforms also notify their users when new cryptoprojects are launched.



A famous forum, one of the largest where cryptocurrencies are discussed. The announcements of giveaways and descriptions of new projects are published in special information and discussion threads. Having your own line in Bitcointalk is a mandatory part of every established or beginning project. Here useful details of promotions, reviews, questions. Suspicions of fraud (scams) quickly become common knowledge.



A popular resource focused exclusively on airdrop. The information is prescreened and only the best variants are admitted for publication, which, in the portal experts' opinion, have a chance to succeed. There is a service for sending the most interesting and important information about new handouts., 99airdrops, and Coin Airdrops

Three sites similar in functionality and content. Airdrop offers are divided into categories and there are many giveaways:

  • hot giveaways;
  • Holders – those who know how to wait with profit
  • mainstream cryptocurrencies and future airdrops-2022.


How to make money from airdrops

With experience comes the understanding that the best results will come if you focus your attention and efforts on a few promising options, rather than wasting your energy on a large number of offers. The tokens of many and many may not even fill up – that is, they may not be listed on the exchange as assets ready for trading. It is important to watch how the platform develops. This even applies to well-publicized developments. An example is the Pi Network project. It was much talked about because of its unique way of mobile mining. However, more than a year and a half has passed, and its digital token has not appeared even on the most modest exchange.


To earn from airdrop, it is better to gradually become a member of the cryptocommunity. To do this, it's worth registering on Bitcointalk. You can get by with guest status, but the best drops go to community members – proven, professional users. That's exactly what cryptocurrency startups need. Only experienced users are able to fully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a new development, and it is them who are trusted to test the idea through a giveaway. The higher a user's status on the forum, the more money he gets, so it is worth registering. 


Is there an airdrop calendar

Aggregator calendars exist, and there are many of them. The main information goes through promoted platforms and channels in social networks and messengers, they also announce NFT calendars. 


Users speak well of the Google calendar. If you sync with a regular calendar, you'll start getting notifications about new NFT airdrop.Here's another example – a different kind of Coinmarketcap calendar.

Should you participate in Airdrop?

Is it worth taking on a new business? It's always worth it. Even if it doesn't go, you'll learn something new, master modern terminology, because the digital future will touch everyone.


If you are ready:

  1. to work without a boss,
  2. be on the lookout all the time, not forgetting the routine,
  3. get a little income from working long hours, so that you can be rewarded for your persistence and experience, 
  4. then you should definitely give it a try. It can become a kind of lucrative hobby.

How much can you really make from airdroping

Airdrop money can be big, but it's the result of actively working with promising crypto ideas. Sometimes an unintentional success happens, like with the Uniswap giveaway that unexpectedly "shot up" and gave thousands of dollars.


Regularities in earning from airdrop:


Dozens of other tokens may not yield any income. This unevenness accompanies crypto work at all times.

If you invite referrals, the earnings will increase several times. 

Keeping tokens for a long time can increase their denomination up to ten times. But it can also permanently depreciate them. 

Users who come from Bitcointalk are usually rewarded $10 for registering at airdrop. Here, too, there is a gradation: an advanced user with a high rating and good reputation can receive up to $30. But with the development of the Bitcointalk platform, the career growth of users there has slowed considerably. 


So, there is $10. But you can't cash them out yet. We have to wait for the release of tokens on the exchange. After the release, there is usually a dump of assets – everyone wants to get rid of them quickly and earn something from the sale. Once they get them for free, they sell them at any bargain price. A $10 face value can quickly turn into five, three dollars, or less.


Sometimes the one who knows how to wait a long time wins. After a few months, the original $10 can turn into $50 or even $60. But the most common occurrence is that the face value drops by half as soon as a coin or token hits the market.


5 tips for manimakers

There are essential details that a moneymaker should not overlook under any circumstances.

Free stuff doesn't last forever, so airdrop is always strictly limited in time, the timing of the action should always be specified. This makes practical sense – to fulfill the conditions of the project, as well as controlling: if there is no clear deadline, it is better to pass by a dubious option, no matter how attractive it may be.

Numbers that should also be known are the deadlines for getting tokens or coins. If there is no such information, then with a high probability the project will turn out to be fraudulent or the organizers need to collect customer data.

The project should have data on when and on which site the tokens or coins will be put up. If this asset cannot be sold on the exchange in time – it is practically useless.

Feedback from real customers of the project. They can always be found on the forum Bitcointalk in a separate dialogue thread. Particular attention should be paid to recent reviews. You do not need to take seriously every discontent expressed, but if there is a lot of negativity and accusations of fraud – you better watch out. 

Private keys should be kept in a safe place, which is known only to the owner. Fraudsters specifically go after crypto keys, which are used to store digital currency. You should not leave them on your computer in any of the files. No outsider, even if it is a moderator or project manager, will ever be given them. As an option, record them on a separate digital medium (flash drive, disk). But the best is the analog method: write down the keys on paper and keep them in a secluded place. 

The most important thing! Money should be kept in a separate wallet, which is never specified for bounties and airdrops.


When everything is accounted for, you can start to comprehend the world of crypto and airdrop little by little: for example, register on the website and wait for the giveaway.



Distribution of NFT (tokens) for free is considered nowadays one of the best forms of popularization of a new project and attraction to it experienced and beginners users.


Airdrop cannot be called the way of quick and easy enrichment, but it is the way to gradually enter the world of cryptocurrency. Sometimes it happens that freely received coins start to grow in value after a while, then after a few months or a year they bring a considerable amount of income.


What is AirDrop Cryptocurrency?

AirDrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrency project tokens to new clients or regular ones as a loyalty bonus. This is a marketing technique. It allows to maintain the popularity of a certain cryptocurrency so that its share in the owner's wallet only increases, as well as to draw attention to NFT startups or to solve problems of existing products.


How to make money from airdrop?

No financial investment is required. You can earn by fulfilling the conditions defined by the project. As a rule, these are simple tasks: register, subscribe to a channel or community in social networks, and then – to publish posts with a certain frequency or repost. Verification is automatic or there is a requirement to send reports. Depending on the number of coins, the conditions can become more complicated. 

Rendering often run on English-language resources. The language barrier is not a problem: you can translate the conditions of the action through any online translator. 

After completing all the actions, the tokens received as a reward can be sold on the exchange. But earnings are unlikely to be significant if the product has just entered the market. It is better to wait until the company promotes its token, it will increase in value, then the sale after 3-6 or even 12 months can give tangible profits.


How much can I earn?

Average projects now offer from $10-30 to $50-60 for simple marketing manipulations: registering and verifying an account, subscribing to a channel, posting, re-posting, distributing among friends or other simple actions.

Your earnings also depend on how many tokens from your collection make it to the exchange and how much they increase in value. You have to wait a while, and if it happens with at least one of them – you can earn serious money.


How do I know which airdrops are relevant now?

The best information about launching new airdrop in cryptocurrency – on profile platforms (BitcoinTalk forum, AirdropAlert, Coinlist), and news – in their social networks and messengers (Twitter, Telegram, etc.). The information is updated and distributed, as a rule, by the developers themselves.


Is it possible to lose money on crypto drops?

When launching airdrop, it is almost impossible to determine whether the value of a coin will increase or decrease over time. By signing up, a participant makes no financial investment, so the most they risk is wasted time. But by participating in airdrop, you can learn the intricacies of using cryptocurrency in full, and this knowledge will not be superfluous.

However, you should keep in mind that some projects are created for fraudulent purposes – to use personal information or steal from cryptocurrencies, especially if they promise enticingly high profits for ordinary actions. Therefore, a healthy skepticism and careful attention to details should always be present when getting free airdrops.


What are NFT drops?

Non-exchangeable token – NFT – is a cryptocertificate confirming the uniqueness of a digital product (image, music, game) and the right to own it.

NFT-drops are the distribution of NFTs on a royalty-free basis for performing a certain list of actions, which must be done by the recipient. In essence, it's a marketing campaign to promote an NFT product.