6 Month Blockbuster Movie Rental Subscription Giveaway!! (Sign-Ups Open!)

Note: This is NOT the giveaway, just the sign-up for other bloggers. Check back to enter to win!!

How would you like a very inexpensive way to grow your Facebook followers? Well join me in the 6 Month Blockbuster Movie Rental Subscription Giveaway!! I’m looking for 24 bloggers @ just $2.50 for your Facebook link. There will also be an optional $1 daily vote link. The tentative dates the giveaway will run for 15 days once all spots are filled.

How would you like to win something too?? The blogger with the most referral entries (the first entry will be for our fans to enter the site that referred them to the giveaway), will win the total amount collected for the daily vote link in a Blockbuster Gift Card!!

A sample post and rafflecopter code will be emailed to you at least 24 hours before the start of the giveaway. Sign up with the link above, then Paypal your entry fee as a GIFT to [email protected]

Please share this giveaway opportunity with other bloggers that you think would be interested. THANKS!