My 15,000 Fan Appreciation Giveaway!!!

Yay!!! I’ve hit 15,000 Facebook Fans and that means you guys are in for a little “Thank You” giveaway!! One lucky fan will win a Diamond Candle (scent of their choice) PLUS a $5 Starbucks Gift Card!!

Giveaway will run from 10:00 PM EST Saturday, July 7th thru Midnight EST Monday, July 9th. One winner will be randomly chosen, emailed and will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

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  1. my daughters and I all have to watch what we eat , so in order to save money we share a meal and usually more thant plenty

  2. desiree says:

    I order off the kids menu!!!!

  3. Barbara Compton Kesterson says:

    Congratulations on 15,000 and thanks for all you do for us.

  4. denise dixon says:

    We usually do an early dinner that way you get discounted prices for dinner size meals you just have to eat before 5 usually

  5. Christina Ives says:

    We either go about doing the dollar menu or go somewhere else that is ‘cheapish’ haven’t been able to do the kids eat free yet..although I would love to lol…We have gone to a place where kids are deeply/steeply discounted. :) those help. Also if you have a birthday the month you are going out…having those free birthday specials help a lot!! :D

  6. michele fleeger says:

    My daughter and I share an entree and we order water and I take lipton tea and honey to add :). Congrats on 15000. Love your page!

  7. We use if a nicer place, Other wise we eat off the dollar menu

  8. Logan Hutson says:

    Don’t order extra soups or salads! The add-on prices add up!

  9. Bridget Merker says:

    Order off the kids menu if you can. Order a side salad and split an entree with your dinner companion.

  10. order a soup or salad and share an easy way to save $$$

  11. I save the free kids meal coupuns from friendly’s and use them to save when we take the kids out to eat :)

  12. jade tallen says:

    dollar menu :)

  13. Dawn Sando says:

    We save money eating out by using coupons, signing-up for the different email savings clubs, sharing meals and try to go during early-bird specials. Congrats on making it to 15,000 fans!! Thanks for all of your hard work and thanks for the chance to win one of these amazing candles!! :)

  14. Amanda Frye says:

    I always order a big meal and just split it with my kids to save money!!

  15. I always drink water and try to order only the sandwich no fries

  16. Tammy S. says:

    We order a variety of appetizers and dinners and mix & match so we can share all of it with each other.

  17. Kristie Zapf says:

    We use coupons where we can and I sign up for any rewards or email clubs that are available. We get free food and coupons from the rewards.

  18. Belinda Luna says:

    Order a big meal and share with the kids

  19. I always look for coupons when we go out to eat. We also drink water, not only to save money but it is more healthy!

  20. Kim Johnson says:

    We usually order the main course and come home and eat. This way we supply our own drinks and it saves more than you think!

  21. greta garbo says:

    i love ordering off the dollar menu- with the g-kids living here it makes it more affordable..

  22. Rhonda Boell says:

    Love redlobster kids meals. Healthy food and great prices

  23. Kayla Sibert says:

    We always eat at perkins because kids eat free…and we save a buck!

  24. AlannaB says:

    My kids (under 3) love CiCi’s and they eat for free, so our family eats for $10

  25. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    I save by sharing my meal with my son & drinking water

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